Highlights of 2012 Cattle Industry Convention

Where, oh where, has time gone?!  I’ve just been having too much fun, I tell ya!

I spent January 31st-February 4th in Nashville, TN for the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention.  Over 8,000 cowboys, pharmaceutical salespeople, beef producers, professors, and many others met to discuss the wonderful world of beef.  I made so many wonderful new friends during my few days there.  I learned a lot and I even shared a small portion of my knowledge in one session.

I would just like to preface my highlights from the trip with this:  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that one day I would be attending the Cattle Industry Convention.  Never.  I’m a city girl who wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.  God has a funny sense of humor though, and I’m loving the paths that he continues to lead me down throughout my life.

A few highlights:

Cattlemen's College

1.  On Wednesday, I attended “Cattlemen’s College.”  Cattlemen’s College was hosted by Pfeizer and it consisted of 4 breakout sessions for attendees to listen to professionals and experts in the respective fields that were being discussed in each session.  My favorite session was “Farming in Turbulent Times” because it spoke a lot about what makes an excellent leader.  Excellent leadership is necessary in every business in order to be successful and to be able to overcome stressful times.  Everyone will undergo great times and hard times, but strong leaders are able to keep their troops together and unified through it all.  It was a really encouraging and informative session.


Fun treats from the convention and fun friends!


2.  As mentioned earlier, I made a lot of great friends.  I was able to connect with friends who I don’t get to see very often because we don’t live near each other and I was also able to meet a lot of friends that I have met through the wonderful world of Social Media!  I attended 2 “Tweet Ups” where I met so many Twitter friends.  It was great to put faces with Twitter handles and to get to talk with the personalities behind the tweets.



Josh Turner at the Grand Ole Opry

3.  SUPER fun:  Bayer sponsored a night for all of us beef folk to spend a night at the Grand Ole Opry.  Personally, I LOVE country music.  The Oak Ridge Boys performed, Charlie Pride, Eden’s Edge, a really awesome blue grass band (I can’t remember their name…help anyone?), and…drum roll please…Josh Turner!  Oh, he is just a doll.  His wife sings with him and plays piano in his band and she is as precious.  He told a story about his 5-year-old son.  He said that night (the night he performed for us) at dinner, his son said, “Daddy, tell them that this next song is your latest song, ‘Time Is Love’ and also… I had beef for supper.”  Well, you better believe that all of us beef lovers went crazy cheering after he said that.  🙂


In a nutshell, those were my top 3 highlights of my time in Nashville.  This week is the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA.  I’m looking forward to learning more new information and spending time with a lot of great people and making even more new friends.  Let the good times roll!

PS. I’m a bit more caught up now…although I’m pretty sick due to all of the running around I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.  I promise that I will begin posting recipes again sometime soon!  I realize that I’m slacking and I do apologize!


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