NCBA 2012 Thus Far…


Hey y’all! I apologize for the lack of posts the past week…it’s been wild! Some of my relatives from out of state came to visit last weekend to see my grandpa & grandma so I spent a lot of time with family. This week, I’ve been in the southern land of our country: Tennessee!

I’m here for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association conference. There’s about 6,500 cowboys & cowgirls here from all over the country. That’s more people than I went to college with!!! I can honestly tell you that in my wildest city girl dreams, I never thought I’d be attending something called “Cattlemen’s College” someday, but here I am!

I’ll keep this brief as I have a social to attend soon, but I will give more “deets” soon. But I will tell you that so far on this trip:
1. I’ve been so proud to be an American.
2. I’ve been glad to call myself a part of this great NCBA group of beef producers who work hard to put food on their family’s table & mine.
3. I’ve connected with so many fun Twitter friends! I love it!



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