My Abs & Thighs on Cheese

I’ve been inspired.  I read an article this morning about a group called “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” (PCRM).  They came out with a billboard blaming cheese for obesity rates.  Cheese?  PLEASE!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  As with any type of food, if you eat too much of it, it will not be healthy and/or beneficial for your body.  I’m no nutritionist, but I do know a special keyword called moderation.  It’s about self-control.  It’s about making choices that are smart and health conscious.

I’ve chosen to blog on this because my Twitter feed is currently blowing up with people who are A) Upset that yet another group of people are trying to blame the dairy industry for obesity rates and  B) Concerned that our world continues to speed up in pace and it’s therefore difficult to eat a healthy, balanced diet.  This conversation sparked a fire in me because I see both sides of the story.  I don’t think it’s right for anyone to criticize the dairy industry for obesity in America.  I also completely agree that it’s not easy to make time to grocery shop, cook meals, sit down to eat with the whole family and exercise.

Growing up, my family was go, go, go.  We still are.  There’s 4 of us kids.  My dad is a high school principal and my mom works at the calf ranch.  All 4 of us kids played sports almost year round where we traveled out of city and out-of-state, at times.  Not to mention, we were involved in Student Government, Choir, etc.  I understand the difficulty of finding time to be healthy.  But it’s all about making priorities.  It’s a lifestyle that people must choose.  And if they choose not to lead a healthy lifestyle, so be it.  But do not blame other people for your obesity issues and health problems.  Take ownership of your own actions.

So, to prove that it is possible to be healthy and to prove that your thighs and abs do not look like the billboard that PCRM came out with on cheese, I’m going to be blogging for 30 days on this topic.  I’ll be sharing my food choices and my workout regimens.  I challenge you to join me.  I’m going to start this challenge on Monday, January 23.  I will be traveling to a conference in the middle of it, so there might be a break for a few days, but that’s okay, too.  Follow me and you’ll see that it can be done.  Happy, healthy abs and thighs on cheese.  And a happy, healthy you.

For the record, I just came up with this idea about 10 minutes ago, so I’ll be sharing more solid details on workout materials that I use and a weekly meal plan as we get closer to Monday.  I like having a game plan at all times, so I won’t leave you Type A personalities hanging without details!

For the original article on the billboards, go here:

I LOVE cheese, and my abs & thighs look NOTHING like this.


3 thoughts on “My Abs & Thighs on Cheese

  1. Daisy Girl

    Great post Briana! I was just thinking about that with milk!!!! I hate that people say switch to soy or almond because It’s healthier. Ummmm… no! I have been drinking WHOLE milk for 22 years and I’m not a fatty, so It’s not the milk! Glad you’re doing this.


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