California Women for Agriculture

Recently I’ve gotten involved with a group of wonderful ladies called, “California Women for Agriculture.” I was connected with the president of CWA through Social Media (also known as Facebook, Twitter, those fun things).  I met the president, miss Celeste Settrini on Facebook the week before CWA’s next statewide meeting.  Celeste invited me to attend the meeting to check all things “CWA” out.  So, I spent the following weekend in San Diego hanging out with some fellow ag ladies and learning all about the agriculture happening in the San Diego area.  Needless to say, I had a BLAST.  Just, so much fun.  These women are a powerful group of ladies varying from land brokers to cattle women to nutritionists to school teachers.  They’re dedicated to preserving agriculture everywhere they go and to telling people why agriculture is so important to them personally, and to the nation as an entirety.  I love their motto, it’s “If you eat food and wear clothes, you are involved in agriculture.”  Whoa….hold the phone, I think that means that you, and you…and YOU are involved in agriculture.  You don’t have to smell cows everyday like I do (actually, I can’t smell them anymore :)) to be involved in agriculture.  Your food and clothes are a direct result of agriculture, so why not join the bandwagon and be an agvocate yourself?  Just a thought.  Anyways, back on track, Bri…

So this past weekend, the CWA held their annual convention in my hometown of Visalia, CA.  They even paid a little visit to the calf ranch for a tour!  On Saturday, we all met and listened to some FABULOUS speakers.  I only got to hear a couple of them because I’m at that age where everyone is getting married and I have a good amount of weddings on my calendar to attend, so I had to skip out at lunch time.  Anyway, we first heard from Kat Pinke of  She inspired us all in our Social Media journeys and in the importance of spreading the word about how great agriculture is.  I “knew” Katie prior to the convention through again, Facebook and Twitter, and an AWESOME group called “Rockin’ Rural Women.”  You can check out the Rockin’ Rural Women facebook page…it’s pretty bomb.

After Katie spoke, we heard from Barbara Martin, of  She’s owner of “Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese” and she shared her and her husband’s story of working in the dairy industry.  For those of you who don’t know, the dairy industry, isn’t the most stable thing in the world.  There are good years and bad years.  Barbara told of the tough times that her family encountered, but she loves dairy farming.  She loves the lifestyle, she loves her cows…she loves it.  And her passion showed through her entire presentation.  I found myself getting choked up as she talked about the hard times that they encountered, but then I was so excited when she spoke of her love for cheese making.

Both ladies were so inspiring to me.  Although I was sad to be missing out on the rest of the convention’s events, I am so grateful for the initial connection that I made with Celeste that started my involvement in CWA.  If you are interested in joining CWA, please check out their website  Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  We’d love to have you hanging out with us!




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