“Wordy” Wednesday – FEED ME BEEF!

Our "Feed Me Beef" shirts, in honor of Grandpa

Grandpa loves beef.  If I could put a “Top 3” list to the things that Grandpa loves, I’d say these:

1.  Grandpa loves God with all of his heart, strength and mind.

2.  Grandpa loves his family.

3.  Grandpa loves beef.

My Great-Grandpa Grimmius (Grandpa’s dad) was a dairy farmer from the Netherlands.  He moved his family to America after World War II ended (my grandpa was 5 at the time) and they started a new life from scratch in the United States.  Great-Grandpa Grimmius continued to stay involved in the dairy business even after they moved to America.  Raised the son of a dairy farmer, my Grandpa somewhere along the line, discovered that he loved working with beef cattle.  The big native cattle like Black Angus and Herefords and English cattle.  When my grandpa was still in high school, he began purchasing cattle for beef from auctions.

For time’s sake (and for the sake of your eyes), I’m paraphrasing this story – Grandpa eventually went on to start “Grimmius Cattle Company” and it was a feedlot for beef cattle for many years.  My Uncle Randall (Grandpa’s son) began to take an interest in raising baby calves for dairymen, and so that is the majority of Grimmius Cattle today.  We’re a nursery for baby calves.  However, we still have a portion of the ranch that has the big, native cattle that is raised for beef.  That’s Grandpa’s love.  Not only does Gramps love the cattle, but he also loves a big, juicy steak.  (I do too, in case anyone is wondering!)  The man loves beef – what else can we say?!

So for Christmas this year, in honor of Grandpa, we had shirts made for the whole family, including Grandpa and Grandma.  They say, “FEED ME BEEF”  And underneath that, they say, “Grimmius Cattle Company.”  We’re all pretty pumped about the shirts.  In fact, I’m wearing mine as I type this.  You wouldn’t know it though because it’s buried underneath layers of sweatshirts.  I’m cold.  That’s beside the point…back to the story.

So that’s the story behind the picture.  For those of your wanting an update on Grandpa, this is the latest:  Grandpa is home!  Which is such a blessing.  He was able to come home on Saturday and be home for Christmas.  The chemo made him very, very sick.  It did what it was supposed to do: bring his White Blood Cell count back to a normal level; however, during his time at Stanford, they gave him a diagnosis that the form of Acute Leukemia that he has is terminal and the statistics of people over the age of 60 with this form of leukemia getting cured, are not high…at all.  With that said, after much prayer and many conversations with the doctor, Grandpa decided yesterday that he will no longer continue treatment, should the leukemia attack his body again.  If the cancer returns, then Hospice will be called in to care for him.

With that said, again, your continued prayers are coveted for Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of our family.  Our initial reaction to no more chemo is of course, “No!”  But at the same time, we know that God is in control of everything.  I also know that I am extremely thankful that God has blessed me with so much time with all of my grandparents on this earth.  There’s always much to be thankful for, even when life isn’t going as we planned.  🙂  If any of you would like to be more up to date on my grandpa’s condition, remember, you can check out carepages.com, become a member (you just have to give your email address) and search for “TomGrimmius.”

Don’t forget…”Beef…it’s what’s for dinner!”


3 thoughts on ““Wordy” Wednesday – FEED ME BEEF!

  1. Daisy Girl

    Bri! You changed your blog, love it! I don’t know how to follow it though :/ Glad to hear your grandpa is back. That must be hard news to hear but so encouraging that you guys know and trust the Lord. My prayers will be with your family.

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