Ain’t No Rest for the Farmer

Happy “Day after Christmas,” y’all!

As I was driving out to the calf ranch this morning, I noticed that most businesses must be taking today off as there was almost no one else on the road.  Oh, what a luxury.

I remember when I was preparing to start working at the ranch, my scheduled first day of work was Monday, the 4th of July.  All of my coworkers at my previous job (See “How the City Girl Gone Country” for more info on where I used to work) thought it was insane and so unfair of my uncle to have me start work on a holiday.  I tried to explain to them, that there are really no such thing as “holidays” in agriculture.  There can’t be.

If we took a holiday at the ranch, that would be the equivalent to the babysitter that parents hired to watch their kids, deciding to not show up to babysit one day.  Nobody would be there to watch the kids, to feed the kids, to take care of the sick kids…etc.  At the calf ranch, dairymen hire us to watch their baby calves and care for them until a certain age.  If no one comes to the ranch, the calves don’t get fed, the sick calves aren’t tended to & the calves are pretty much left defenseless and alone.  Does that sound like a good thing?  Not so much.

Farming isn’t a job that can just wait until tomorrow.  Ranch life can’t be put on hold.  If you really think of it, our entire food supply depends on people who are working everyday of the year, rain or shine, so that you and I can have food on the table.  There ain’t no rest for the farmer.  So today, not only am I thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ (the real reason for the season), but I’m also thankful for farmers and for their willingness to put in hard work no matter what day of the year it is!

Just for funsies, a picture of the Grimmius grandkids wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters last night at our Christmas celebration!


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