If you’re anything like me, then you eat a lot.  And if you eat a lot, then you’re probably always thinking about what you would like to eat next.  Growing up, our favorite question to ask mother dearest was, “What are we eating for dinner?!” or “When’s dinner?!”  Sometimes my parents would get a kick out of responding with, “We’re actually not eating tonight,” at which we would roll our eyes and demand a non-sarcasm filled answer.

So I’m sitting here, wishing I had packed more food in my lunch because my stomach is roaring at me right now.  Pause, mom just gave me her left over chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!  Ok, back to my story: my hunger always causes me to really, REALLY think about and appreciate where my food comes from.  Behind those chocolate chip cookies, or grapes, or carrots, or chicken sandwiches, or whatever I eat, was a lot of hard work put in by farmers from all over the country.

I’m thankful for agriculture, and for all of those involved in it because by golly, Where’s The Food Without The Farmer?  Or as a favorite agvocacy group of mine, I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul, would say, “WTF?”  (PS. If you know what else “WTF” stands for, then you know that that is an excellent way to grab someone’s attention.)

Can we go back to the I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul part for a sec?  Ok, thanks.  This is a fantastic group that is made up of volunteer college-aged-ish students.  They are dedicated to promoting the cause of agriculture.  They might be young, but I’m proud of them.  They are my generation & I believe that my generation of agvocates are coming in full force and stronger than ever.  We believe in our American food system & we want others to know our agriculture story.  This coming Thursday, November 10th, the I Love Farmers group will be promoting food and where it comes from around college campuses across the nation.  I encourage you to tune in and see what they are up to.  Even better, join forces with their cause & follow their hash tag on Twitter on the 10th: #WTFILF2011 and check out their Facebook page NEW I Love Farmers They Feed My Soul.  They’re an awesome group full of spunk & passion – I hope they are as inspiring to you as they are to me.  And don’t forget…  WTF?

WTF? Thursday, November 10, 2011



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