Time Well Spent…on a Dairy Farm

This past weekend I babysat for some good family friends of mine.  I’ve watched these kids for probably about the last 7 or 8 years…can’t quite remember the first time I watched them.  The oldest was about 7 or 8 when I first started babysitting them and now she’s 15, I believe.  Or maybe she’s 14?  Anyway, I know these children well & I LOVE them.  I happen to have younger brothers the same age as a couple of the kids, so I ended up watching a total of 6 kids/teens ranging from age 3-15.  Talk about a crazy weekend!

The 3 year old says “No…I NOT!” after almost everything that you tell him.  The 15 year old children are glued to their phones.  The junior highers are…well, junior highers.  And in between all of those different dynamics, everyone wants you to pay attention to them.  Taking showers, sleeping & using the restroom are usually done with the mindset that SOMEONE is going to pound on the door or climb into bed with you.  Any privacy, is gone, when children are present and depending on you to care for them.

You want to know my point, don’t you?  Ok, here it is:  I learned a few lessons this past weekend in the midst of all of the chaos.  I learned that:

a) I’m making my daughters babysit a lot someday because it’s good birth control.  Like, VERY good birth control.  I love those kids and have so much fun with them, but I am always so glad when their parents return.  Simply because it means I can sleep, bathe & live my life in peace.  All I have right now is a puppy for a child and I can just stick her in the backyard when she gets bothersome! (Don’t worry, I didn’t stick these kids in the backyard when they became bothersome!)

b)  Time spent on a dairy farm, or any farm for that reason, is time well spent.  Why?  Because these kids know how to work.  The 13-year old son of this family was out the door at 7 am on Saturday morning and went to go work on the dairy for the morning.  He helped repair a fence that some cows had gotten out of the evening before.  Nobody told him to, he just did it.  The kids are respectful and responsible.  That house is clean ALL of the time. (Minus the playroom, but that’s picked up before bed time.)  They are great team players.  Whenever a meal is being cooked, or a room is being picked up, everyone is offering to help.

c)  You can have lots of fun on a dairy!  Remember the days when you were a kid and your entertainment was playing outside?  And you know how now, your kids are glued to the computer, video games and/or TV?  Yeah, we had good old fashioned fun like I remember having when I was a kid.  We went outside and rode around on the quads and played in the cotton seed piles (we LOVE the cotton seed!) .  We rode bikes and these crazy skateboard-things.  We didn’t use technology and we had SO.MUCH.FUN!

My point is, this past weekend was definitely time well spent.  And my other point is, I’m not having children for a long while.  🙂

A Glimpse of the Weekend

The boys at the top of an almond pile


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