Lessons from Agriculture – Positive or Negative?

Hanging Out on the Ranch

If you’re living in America & not aware of this already, the Department of Labor has recently made some new proposed rules regarding agriculture & they are giving the public an opportunity to submit comments in response to the proposed rules until November 1st.  In short, it’s going to mostly affect children under the age of 16.  Anyone under the age of 16 will greatly be limited to the tasks they they can do in a job related to agriculture.  I do understand where the DOL is coming from.  I appreciate that they are trying to protect children from injury, child labor & death, but I hope that the Department of Labor will really take the time to read and understand the comments that they receive from those who have worked in agriculture on these proposed rules.

I’ve been given the task of writing up some comments to the DOL on behalf of the calf ranch.  I’m not quite finished with my comments yet, but while working on them, I got to thinking about some things.  (For those of you who know me well, I think a lot.  Sometimes too much.)  Anyway, I got to thinking & I thought of all of the terrible farm-related accidents causing injury & even death to people I know.  However, I began to think of all of the positive things that take place from experiencing work on a farm or in agriculture.  I asked my friends on Twitter & Facebook to help me with this & I asked the general question of, “If you have ever worked on any type of farm, in one word, what did you learn?”  Now, some people stuck to the task & answered in one word.  Others had a more difficult time (you know who you are) and couldn’t give me an answer in just one word!  But that’s okay, I loved it.  And for those that gave me multiple word comments, you proved my point even further!  Some of the answers were very serious, and I received a couple that were pretty funny.  Mostly because I knew of a few too many who could relate to the answers.  I wanted to share the responses that I received with you.  So here they are:

Farmwork taught me…

1.  Patience

2.  Responsibility

3.  Respect

4.  Perseverance

5.  Empathy

6.  Life lessons

7.  Empowered

8.  Teamwork

9.  Patience

10.  Work ethic

11.  Ingenuity

12.  Value

13.  Family

14.  Trust

15.  Humanity

16.  Fun

17.  Independence

18.  Determination

19.  Cooperation

20.  Perspective

21.  Grit

22.  Love of animals

23.  Humility

24.  Resiliency

25.  Respect for nature

26.  Pride in work

27.  Love

28.  Timeliness

29.  Faith

30.  Communication

31.  Appreciation

32.  Life

33.  True meaning of “back breaking hard work”

34.  Copenhagen

35.  Shit…is not a cuss word

So there ya have it.  Have you worked in agriculture before?  Did you learn something that you didn’t see mentioned?  I’d love to hear it!


If you haven’t seen the proposed rules, but are interested in reading about them, here are a few links:








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