Wordless Wednesday

Best place ever. Besides Disneyland.

Bravo Farms – located in Traver, CA.  That is, Central California to be exact.  It’s off the 99 highway.  If you are hungry, want fresh fruit, need gas, need a potty break, like cool places, love cheese, like wine, enjoy pool, want to pet some goats, enjoy climbing ridiculously tall treehouses, then STOP. HERE.  You could call me obsessed, but that’s okay.  Their food is EXCELLENT.  Their decor is awesome.  I realize that I’m supposed to be “wordless” in this post, but I have to use SOME words to tell you about how awesome this place is!  I’ll let this picture be worth my other 1,000 words – how ’bout that?

The tree houses you see there in the background…yeah, 6 stories tall.  That’s six stories of fun.  Go there.  You’ll be glad you did.


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