“Go Back to Your Double-Wide & Fry Something!”

What movie is the title of this post from?!  I’ll be sad if no one knows the answer.

Anyway, Mama and I fried somethin’ last night, we did.  Courtesy of one of  The Pioneer Woman‘s recipes.  We made homemade corn dogs and cheese sticks-kinda like Hot Dog On A Stick.  So we copied the recipe from http://thepioneerwoman.com and a’fryin’ we went.

If you don’t know The Pioneer Woman then my gosh, you are MISSING OUT.  Pause what you’re doing and go there PRONTO.  I love her.  I want to be her.  The end.  Sorry, I got carried away.  She has fabulous recipes that are guaranteed to make your mouth feel like it’s in heaven, clog up your arteries (in a good way) and cancel out any workouts that you’re currently doing (also in a good way).  AND she provides step-by-step pictures to go along with her recipes.  Which makes it really easy to monitor if you’re on the right track with your cooking project.  Back to the corn dogs….

We followed the directions.  (Go us.)  Everything was hunky dory and pretty simple, but we did run into one slight issue.  Wait, two.  Two slight issues.  The first one was finding the right consistency of the breading batter.  I don’t know if that’s the right term, but you’re following, right?  At first, we’d dip the hot dog in and the batter would immediately just fall off.  So we added a bit more corn meal and pancake mix and we were good to go.  Second problem was that the sticks we put the hot dogs on were too long.  Easy fix, just cut ’em shorter and then we were REALLY cookin’.

I thought they were delicious.  One minor detail, in case you’re like us an get carried away with frying things: we did home made french fries in addition to the fried corn dogs and cheese sticks.  Delicious, but not the healthiest.  And my stomach knew it.  Don’t worry-nothing bad happened.  I just didn’t feel good.  It could’ve been the cheese stick I ate though (I’m self-diagnosed-lactose-intolerant).  Moral of the story: maybe just stick to one fried item on your dinner menu.  Or don’t eat/drink too many dairy products when your stomach can’t handle dairy products (Dairy is just soooo goood though!)

A couple pictures below documenting our frying experience.  Have you ever tried one of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes?  Which one?  How’d you like it?

Breading Batter

Before the Batter Got a Hold of 'Em (Excuse the spoon in the background. He's lost)

In all their fried glory! Corn dog is on the right, cheese stick is on the left

11 thoughts on ““Go Back to Your Double-Wide & Fry Something!”

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thank you! Had fun making them 🙂

      Is it in Million Dollar Baby? I’m going to have to watch that movie again! I was quoting it from Sweet Home Alabama!


    Oh my goodness, another Pioneer Woman lover 🙂 Have her cookbook & she has never steered me wrong.

    My absolute hands down favorite recipe is the French Breakfast Puffs. They are melt in your mouth pure bliss & a sure crowd/kid/husband pleaser.

    I have also tried her Chicken Fried Steak, Pizza Dough (so easy!), Spicy Pulled Pork & My mom has made up her Jalepeno Poppers & Olive Cheese Bread. Both of which are definite keepers!

    Loving your new blog, super cute story.

    Ashlie from http://www.themanyfacesofreagan.blogspot.com

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      My blog thought you were spam, Ashlie! I approved you though 🙂
      I haven’t tried ANY of those. I’ve always especially wanted to try the Olive Cheese bread & the Pizza Dough. I have her cookbook too though and I LOVE it.
      So many recipes, so little time! We better get cookin’!

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Oh, yum! Anything with sour cream and noodles sounds amazing to me! That might have to be my next recipe project!

  2. Jenny Dewey

    Your description of Ree took the words right out of my mouth. I want to be her too. I’ve made so many of her recipes. The lasagna is to die for, her brisket is awesome, the short ribs are divine!! I need to try these! They look delish!!

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Ok, I need to try all of THOSE! Haha. Yum…I’ve made enough of her recipes though to be convinced that all of her recipes are soooo delish! I love her so much.


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