The Dog Days…Are Not Over

I'm a Weiner Dog...kind of.

If you’ve read my first post on Dixie the Dog, you’re ready for this post.

If you haven’t read my first post on Dixie, you might want to.

If you haven’t read my first post on Dixie and don’t want to…fine.  The main thing you need to know is that we rescued Dixie when she was around 4-5 weeks.  Now she’s a little over 4 months and crazier than ever.  Oh, and we have no clue what breed she is.

What we do know about “Dix,” as she’s affectionately called by many, is:

  • She loves human food.  Like, LOVES.  More than anything in the world.  She’ll do anything to have some.  She’s a bit obsessive.
  • Dog’s got hops.  She’s cleared the couch in the living room and jumped onto my parents 3-or-so-foot tall bed (with ease).  She also enjoys taking a flying leap from the 4th stair on our staircase.  Sidenote: my 6 foot tall brother has a difficult time stretching his long leg from the bottom of the stairs to the 4th step – now imagine my weiner dog jumping off that.  It’s impressive.
  • She’s a bully.  My parents have a dog named Diego.  He was my dog, but then I left home for college and so he became the “family dog.”  Since as long as I can remember, Dix has been bullying Diego.  She grabs him by his collar and drags him around the house.  She stands at the top of the stairs when Diego is trying to go up the stairs so that she can bump into him once he reaches the top.  Basically, she’s got little dog syndrome.
  • Her destiny is to be a ranch dog.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have no choice….see first post on Dixie.)

I need this little handful of a pup to become well-behaved enough to fulfill her destiny!  And so the training begins.  Be on the lookout for pictures and/or videos of Dixie’s adventures in training.  Also, feel free to comment and give me any training tips that you know!  So far, she sits and lays, but only when there’s treats in my hand!  I think we’ve got a ways to go.  Wish me luck!

Loosing teeth left and right


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