Blog Action Day 2011: Food

Today is “Blog Action Day.”  Blog action day has been happening since 2007: a topic is chosen and bloggers all over the world are asked to blog about the given topic.  This year “#BAD11” (for those on Twitter) happens to be on

     World Food Day and in perfect timing, the topic is food.  Is it just me, or do tons of thoughts come to your  mind when you hear the word “food?”  Maybe it’s just me…so here’s a few of my thoughts on food – in the order that they pop into my head while I type this.

I eat a lot.  At my previous job, my going away gift from the staff was a HUGE bag filled with food because I was eating at my desk almost the entire 8-hour work day.  And  although my jeans seem to be getting more snug and the prom dress from my senior year that I tried on last week didn’t go past my thighs, I am thankful that I seem to have  a fast metabolism because I haven’t completely lost to my food cravings yet (as far as weight gain is concerned.)

Food.  It’s a touchy subject.  Why?  Because we need it.  According to Google, the average person can live about a month without any food.  That’s a pretty long time…but  compared to a lifetime, that’s nothing.  There’s people starving in certain parts of the world, certain parts of this country and even certain parts of my city and yours.  And  then there’s other people who won’t touch certain food because it’s just “not good enough.”  Is that fair?  Hardly.  Listen to Dave Matthews Band’s’ song “Funny the Way It Is” for more thoughts on the issue of fairness.

Fast food vs. slow food.  This is an issue in America.  In America we go, go, go.  Work, baseball practice, basketball practice, homework, gym, work, cheer practice, piano  lessons, football game, you name it and it’s probably on our weekly schedule somewhere.  It’s all about being the best and having the most.  So we work hard so that we can  make the most money and we work hard so that our kids can be the best on the team, but when you’ve got parents who’ve spread themselves so thin and kids who have  activities all over the place, who has time for slow food anymore?  So not only are we losing family time when we pick fast food over slow food, but we’re losing nutrition as  well.

Speaking of nutrition, I just read a blog that was written for Blog Action Day.  It was written by someone living in South Africa and he decided to discuss “organic” vs. “conventional.”  He said organic is clearly the way to go because eating foods covered in pesticides is so unhealthy.  You want to know something though?  Those pesticides prevent bugs from ruining crops, from unwanted food diseases attacking those crops and creeping into your digestive system.  When I take a bite of a conventionally grown apple, I can tell you that I don’t taste a bit of pesticide.  I’ve been eating conventional, locally grown produce (perk of living in Central California) for as long as I can remember and quite frankly, it tastes good.  And if we’re being really blunt, I’m probably skinnier than you and just as healthy as you are.  A lady commented on the South African man’s blog saying that American’s are so obese because we don’t eat organic foods.

We do though.  I’ll eat organic.  I’ll also eat conventional.  There’s room for both, but don’t blame obesity on conventional foods.  Blame obesity on fast food, McDonald’s, on video games and televisions.  Most Americans want instant gratification.  They want to be skinny and look like a Victoria’s Secret model or the strongest muscle man, but they also want to stop by Taco Bell to pick up dinner on the way home so that they can play “Call of Duty” or sit in front of the TV and watch “The Bachelorette.”  Quit blaming the farmers.  Blame society.  It’s easier to target someone else, than it is to acknowledge our own wrong actions, isn’t it?

I could keep going with my thoughts, but I’ll stop.  Food is touchy.  Everyone eats food because they need it.  Everyone also has their own right to make choices on the food they eat.  For those of you who eat organic:  the next time you start blaming conventional foods for obesity, try thinking of the last time you heard someone gaining 30 pounds from eating conventional fruits and veggies.  You haven’t.  That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard, so stop.  For those of you who think organic is the devil:  Realize that there have been some fruits and veggies where research has shown the organic fruits had a few more vitamins than conventional.  Organic isn’t so terrible either.  I’ll tell you all what my mom tells my brothers (she’s never had to tell me these things because I’m obviously perfect): if you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut (That’s when she’s really mad.  If she’s not too mad, then the second half is “then don’t say anything at all.”)   Let’s all just eat, drink and be happy.


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