Dixie the Dog

I have a dog and her name is Dixie.  Don’t ask me what kind of dog Dixie is, because to tell you the whole truth, I’m really not too sure.  My brother, Austin, almost ran over Dixie in a parking lot one night and so he brought her home with him.  She was the sweetest, tiniest puppy you ever did see.  People would call her a tiger dog because she had spots everywhere.  Besides her unusual markings on her coat, Dixie also had one blue eye and one brown eye.  This convinced us that she was a Catahoula Shepherd Dog.  I was SO excited because I was convinced that Dixie could be a ranch dog and join me at work everyday.  Well, it’s been about 4 months since we found Dixie and I’m pretty sure that Dixie is not a Catahoula.  Her nose got long, as did her body.  Her legs did not get very long.  So I’m now thinking that Dixie is more along the lines of a Dachshund or a Weiner Dog/Mutt.

I do still want Dixie to be a ranch dog though.  She just needs to be a little bit better trained.  I also still wish that she was a Catahoula.  I love Dixie though.  Dixie has met a lot of different people and has thus been dubbed a lot of different names.  Here’s a few of them:  Dixel Pixel, Dixie Cup, Dix, Dixie Monster, Dix E. Normous (boys came up with that one) and Dixie Girl.

I felt it was pretty important that you met Dixie first because a) I love her and b) She WILL be a ranch dog someday.  And I love her.  Did I already say that?


2 thoughts on “Dixie the Dog


    Bri I love these posts!! so adorable! You are a wonderful writter and truly inspiring. You make me who cant live a day with out spell check really envious of your talents. Hope to see you soon!
    ~Love Stacey


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